I have always questioned injustices in the world. Studying Economics didn’t really answer all my questions. Lots of policies just didn’t make sense. The social welfare system alone is mind boggling. I prepared my thesis on an alternative social welfare system that would eliminate the poverty traps that exist in Ireland. The government acknowledges that this problem exists but does nothing to fix it. Each month there was something new, corrupt and sinister to upset and anger me. I just kept saying over and over, this is not the way it’s meant to be.

sandra fay

The “straw” for me was the banking crisis and the blanket bailout that has crippled our country. It makes no economic sense to the hard working people of Ireland  as to why we would be sacrificed. The ‘best’ excuse the government offered was that they had no choice. They claimed the banks were too big to fail and are still too big to fail, so they can perpetuate this failed capitalist logic again and again.

The “looney greedy rights” have exposed themselves. The brainwashing routine that right wing economics is the only option, that left politics is crazy just isn’t washing with workers.

Joining the AAA has given me hope and a way to vent my anger positively. Instead of being angry and upset I have now become active. I feel the AAA is a great left wing party built by a lot of hardworking and honest individuals. I feel it can offer a lot of people hope and belief in a new alternative and just system.

I am proud to be an active member and I’d urge others to join and become active. Help us build a left wing alternative for Ireland.

By Sandra Fay