This week the government launched their long awaited strategy to deal with the rental sector, unfortunately for tenants and those in emergency accommodation or homelessness it will do little to resolve the situation other than allow landlords to continue to hike up rents & evict tenants easier.

AAA-PBP will move the first stage of the Anti-Eviction Bill 2016 tomorrow (Thursday 15th December).

Speaking on the proposals, Ruth Coppinger TD said “So, at the eleventh hour, when rents have already rocketed, the government decides to do what it swore couldn’t or shouldn’t be done – intervene in the sacred rents ‘market’. But the intervention is so meek and mild – limiting rent rises to 4% each year in only two cities, Dublin and Cork. The current rate of inflation is below 0%, so why allow landlords increase well above that rate? Rents need to go down, not up.”

Mick Barry, AAA TD for Cork said “Landlord’s profits have increased by €1.1billion over the last five years. This plan will continue to allow them to enrich themselves. The plan today seems more interested in helping landlords than helping those caught in the housing emergency.

“Disgracefully, the plan outlines a proposal whereby state land is to be handed over to developers by councils to build properties for rent. This is an absolute gift to them. People want homes not to be stuck at the whim of a landlord. Lands like this should be used for the building of social and affordable housing rather than handed over to profit hungry developers.


Ruth Coppinger with the AAA-PBP Anti-Eviction Bill

Ruth Coppinger with the AAA-PBP Anti-Eviction Bill

“This is handing over of public lands to developers for nothing, who will then charge tenants through the nose.”

Paul Murphy TD said ““The legislation published today will do nothing for people who are already priced out of the market. It will do nothing to stem the tide of homelessness. People will continue to be evicted because of rent increases – it actually makes it easier to evict tenants if they fall behind on their rent.”

Ruth Coppinger ended by saying that AAA-PBP will move the Anti-Eviction Bill tomorrow (Thursday 14th) which will give tenants better tenure rights “Across the country landlords are saying that they are selling the property as a way to evict tenants. Often its really just to increase rents. Our Bill will mean that any sale has to maintain the tenants in place.”