About the Anti Austerity Alliance

The Anti Austerity Alliance is a movement that comes from struggle, established by activists from the anti-Household Tax campaign.

The rich have many political parties clamouring to represent their interests. The AAA stands against all austerity and actively campaigns to defend working class people.

Last year, the AAA won 14 councillors in Dublin, Cork and Limerick.

AAA-endorsed candidates also won both the Dublin West and the Dublin South West By-Elections.

These breakthroughs have rocked the establishment provoking them into attacking the AAA. This Government is hated, and Labour especially will be decimated at the General Election, but no party represents working class people. 

The choice for many is either the austerity parties, pro big-business independents or Sinn Fein, who refuse to seriously fight austerity or water charges.

The battle against the Water Charges is one of the most significant mass struggles in generations. Mass non-payment can sink Irish Water and put the Government under huge pressure.

The AAA has been to the fore in building the boycott in communities across the country.

We also need to elect fighters in the next general election that stand for non-payment and abolition of water charges, as well as committed to resisting all austerity measures.

The AAA will be launching a major challenge to all the austerity parties in the next election.

What We Stand For

  • Abolition of the Property/Home Tax. No to Water taxes, metering & to privatisation and profiting from water.

  •  Defend our council and public services. No more cuts or erosion of worker’s pay and conditions.

  • Our Councillors will not go into coalitions or make deals with the austerity Parties

  • (FF, FG, LP) and will not participate in junkets or the gravy train.

  •  We support a united movement of all affected by home taxes and austerity. We oppose divisions based on race, nationality, gender or age.

  •  End the bailout of the banks and bondholders. No to all Austerity – ordinary people have paid enough.

  •  Tax the Wealthy as the alternative to austerity: For progressive taxation on the wealthy and corporate sector.

  •  Public investment to create jobs, stop emigration and provide housing and socially useful infrastructure.

  •  Planning for the community, not for developers or vested interests.

  •  For mortgage debt write-down to real house values to keep struggling families in their homes. The banks should be run in the public interest and to assist in economic recovery.

  •  Save our health, education and social services – reverse the cuts and restore staff levels.