AAA-PBP to move Anti-Eviction Bill 2016

  This week the government launched their long awaited strategy to deal with the rental sector, unfortunately for tenants and those in emergency accommodation or homelessness it will do little to resolve the situation other than allow landlords to continue to hike up rents & evict tenants easier. AAA-PBP will move the first stage of [...]

Gender Pay Gap 2016

  The gender pay gap is widening - women on average earn 20% less than men for doing exactly the same work! In Iceland last week women workers walked out of work in opposition to it highlighting that they would effectively be working for free for the rest of that day compared to their male [...]

AAA-PBP Launch Alternative Budget Statement

Anti-Austerity Alliance - People Before Profit today launched their alternative budget statement 'Close the Tax Haven, Redistribute the Wealth, Transform Society’ at a press conference in Buswell's Hotel. Read the full joint statement here