Greece – Uncertainty after heroic rejection of EU austerity

By Paul Murphy I leave Greece with uncertainty swirling around what happens next. One thing is sure – the Greek people, workers and young people above all, are heroes. I don’t think there is another working class in Europe at this stage, which could have faced the scaremongering it did and just resist it all [...]

Greece: What does a victory look like?

By Paul Murphy After yesterday’s sombre reflections on a possible defeat, what would a victory look like? It starts with a No later today. The bigger the margin of victory the better. There is no new memorandum, no new austerity agreed to. Then what? The tyranny of the Troika will intensify. This will find its [...]

Greece: Historic defeat or victory? Some reflections on defeat…

By Paul Murphy Greece is at an historic moment. The Left, which has mobilised and grown over the past 7 years is on the verge of an historic defeat or victory. A defeat would be a demoralising blow to literally millions in this country and setback the struggle significantly. It would also be a setback [...]