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AAA-PBP Launches ‘Common Principles: Radical Alternatives & Real Equality’

A new type of politics, based on people power Real recovery for 99% means challenging rule of 1% - Apple should pay back taxes, establish minimum effective corporation tax rate of 12.5%, introduce Millionaire’s Tax and establish debt audit commission Public investment to develop quality services & infrastructure, strategic enterprise and create decent jobs Scrap [...]

Paul Murphy TD and Jobstown protesters in court today

As the trial of the Jobstown protesters continues today, which includes elected representatives Paul Murphy TD, Councillor Mick Murphy and Councillor Kieran Mahon, alongside over twenty members of the community, the AAA issued the following statement. The bringing of charges against over twenty people who took part in a community protest of over 700 people [...]

AAA response to Sinn Fein and Right2Change

For the last year the Anti Austerity Alliance has been spear heading the campaign for the mass non-payment of the water charges. Now the figures that Irish Water itself has given demonstrate that 52% have not paid the second water charges bill. As well as proposing that people don't pay, we have advocated that the [...]