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Anti-Evictions Bill – A major challenge for the government

On the day when activists from the Home Sweet Home campaign are due to meet Minister Coveney the Anti-Austerity Alliance has called on the government to take radical measures to stop people becoming homeless. The Anti-Austerity Alliance has said that the AAA-PBP Anti-Evictions Bill, which will be debated on January 17th, represents the type of [...]

AAA-PBP to move Anti-Eviction Bill 2016

  This week the government launched their long awaited strategy to deal with the rental sector, unfortunately for tenants and those in emergency accommodation or homelessness it will do little to resolve the situation other than allow landlords to continue to hike up rents & evict tenants easier. AAA-PBP will move the first stage of [...]

Ruth Coppinger TD Housing Minority Report

Anti-Austerity Alliance TD published her Minority Report on the results of the Housing Committee. This was after the 'official' report of the housing committee did not go far enough in the measures which it suggested to tackle the housing crisis. The Minority Report can be read here Launching the report Ruth Coppinger TD said ""As [...]