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AAA Budget Statement – From Corporate Tax Haven to Socialist,Green Economy

The Anti-Austerity Alliance have produced their own budget statement titled 'From Corporate Tax Haven to Socialist Green Economy.' This document stands alongside and compliments the joint statement issued by AAA-PBP. It outlines a detailed vision for the steps which need to be taken economically to transform the economy and society into one which puts the [...]

Unemployment, Emigration & Forced Free Labour Schemes

More than any other statistic, the unemployment rate is the one which the government will use to try to convince us that the ‘recovery is real’ as Joan Burton keeps telling us. The number of people on the Live Register has fallen for 32 months in a row, and the unemployment rate is now 10.1%, but to what extent does this point to an end to the unemployment crisis?


It could be argued that the most victims falling prey to austerity measures being systematically imposed, are children of school going age. Every budget in the past six years has consistently attacked the standard of living and education of children in this country. The number of children living in consistant poverty and experiencing material deprivation on a daily basis – has doubled to nearly 12 per cent since the recession began.