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Sean Malone-Why I joined the AAA

For me it was the inequality in everything that has take place over the last seven years. The first cuts were and continue to be to the most vulnerable in society. Special needs assistant removed from schools, while billions are given to bail out the rich. Seeing my friends, neighbours, family members have to emigrate. [...]

Why I Joined the Anti Austerity Alliance-Eileen Gabbett

The AAA was formed after spending two years canvassing local people at their homes and seeing first-hand the poverty they were struggling with. We felt that not only could we protest against the house hold charge/ property tax but we had to highlight the ongoing struggles of doing without electricity, food, cars, health care, education, [...]

Why I Joined the Anti Austerity Alliance-Sandra Fay

I have always questioned injustices in the world. Studying Economics didn't really answer all my questions. Lots of policies just didn't make sense. The social welfare system alone is mind boggling. I prepared my thesis on an alternative social welfare system that would eliminate the poverty traps that exist in Ireland. The government acknowledges that [...]