The Anti Austerity Alliance is being politically persecuted because of our uncompromising opposition to austerity.

Since our founding in 2013 we have brought a different kind of politics to the country, by rejecting the sell-out approach of the main parties and basing ourselves on working class people power — the only force that can challenge all austerity.

We’ve stood against the policies of this government in word and in deed. We have played a vital role in the anti-water charges movement and the are leading advocates of a mass boycott — now standing at 57%. We’ve stood with homeless families in taking decisive action on housing, staging occupations of NAMA properties.

This is the type of civil disobedience that gets results, and a movement based on such actions is what the establishment fear more than anything.

It is because the AAA represents this movement that we have been singled out for political policing. We have been denied the right to raise funds like other parties by politically motivated Garda decisions, claiming that money raised by the AAA will be used for ‘unlawful activities’.

Paul Murphy TD and two AAA councillors have also been landed with serious criminal charges, facing potential life imprisonment for engaging a protest against Joan Burton.

These are unprecedented attacks that are designed for one purpose: to undercut and damage the sharpest pole of opposition to Fine Gael / Labour austerity in the run up to a general election.

We need your support to fight back against the dirty politics of these well-funded parties.

Please help us by donating today.